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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Knifemaking is a full contact sport.

Forging knives day in and day out comes with blisters, cuts, burns, callouses, sore shoulders, a stiff back, and dirty fingernails. These aches and pains and contusions are a working smith's badge of honor. The inevitable injuries that come with playing with fire, swinging a hammer, and working with really sharp objects are proof positive that you make your living by working with your hands. Blisters will arise from holding a new tool incorrectly, nicks and cuts are an everyday occurrence, red hot sparks will target, with almost intercontinental ballistic missile precision, the only patch of exposed skin on your person, and sore muscles just come with the territory.

“Everything in the shop can bite you.”

Crafting a knife is an all consuming practice. You need to be both mentally and physically focused. Everything in the shop can bite you so attention to the process is paramount. You can't drift. For that hour, for that day, your world is that blade. If it's not, it's best to put it away and start again tomorrow.



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