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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Find your passion and use it to make a difference.

This post started out as a brief on branding. But due to a bout with Covid-19 and a two week quarantine followed by protests erupting both here in Saint Paul/Minneapolis and across the country, time and circumstances forced me to reflect on where I am at. There are two questions that kept circling my mind as I watched events unfold. 

What am I passionate about?

How do I make a difference? 

Introspection is an illuminating and confounding exercise.

Form and function meet art and expression, that's what makes my heart race. As I wind down my design business, after years of working for clients across the country, I can still say I have a profound affinity for good design. Whether it's architecture, advertising, logos, websites, or knifemaking, there is a thrill when a project is complete and I can look back and say, "yeah, I nailed it." I guess that means I am an artist/designer and always will be. First question answered.

Making a difference is much harder to conclude. And I am still struggling with it. Over the years I have volunteered for political campaigns, marched with protestors, worked with all manner of non-profits, gave change to the homeless, and helped the random, stranded motorist. However, nothing on a grand scale that I can draw a thorough line and connect action to outcome. I have spent my life as a utility infielder. Making plays when called upon but not really specializing in any one issue. But maybe that's enough. Small actions that fold into the larger effort of creating a more just society. Or not. Maybe the world needs big, bold, decisive action rather than nibbling around the edges. Like I said, I'm struggling with how and where to help.

Introspection is an illuminating and confounding exercise. It can bring clarity or add confusion. I think I am firmly in both camps but will forge on with passion and strive to make my mark in all that I do.



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