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Detail of San Mai Custom Knife

Our Story


I have always been an artist. My earliest memories involve giving form to my imagination with crayons, pens, paper, Legos, Lincoln Logs, and anything else I could get my hands on. When I was very young, in addition to drawing every chance I could get, I attempted to build a working robot (probably inspired by Lost in Space reruns) out of old coffee cans, nuts, bolts, tubing and other odds and ends found in the garage. I seriously thought I could bring it to life.


From that early interest in things both artistic and technical, I began to see how design shaped our world. It was a natural evolution from those initial observations to attending art school and becoming a designer myself. Working my way through college as a waiter and bartender, it was there where I was first introduced to the art of food. Hanging out in the kitchen and, through the chefs I had the good fortune to work with, I learned how to cook. Not in some reality show fashion where you have to make a meal out of jelly beans, pasta sauce and dandelions in under 30 minutes, but really cook. I have learned to cook with heart and with soul so my family and guests can taste the passion I put into each dish.


Those experiences in the kitchen never left me and once I started my own design agency, I focused on restaurants. From Minneapolis and Saint Paul to Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Austin, Milwaukee, Hartford, San Antonio and others, I was able to combine my love of design with my love of the food world and help develop restaurant concepts across the country. Along the way I also trained and worked as a butcher for a local specialty market whose owner and lead butcher is a 3rd generation meat cutter – learn from the best I always say. Using knives day in and day out in the butcher shop has given me a great understanding and appreciation for the design, fit and performance of a well made blade.

Starting with the simple idea that beautiful food should be made with beautiful tools, I set about creating heirloom quality, custom knives for the everyday chef. They had to be tough as nails, maintain a serious edge, and be a beauty to behold. With Blackbird Blade Company, I combine my artist's eye with a passion for food to create truly expressive custom chef knives that look fabulous and perform flawlessly. To make sure the blades are up to the task, I built on my butcher's knowledge of knives and partnered with professional chefs, who have led some of the finest kitchens around the world, to develop proper geometry and balance on every knife I make.


Draw from experience and then consult the experts, it's the only way I can insure that every custom knife I produce is a professional grade masterpiece. Culinary art, indeed.

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