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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

There is a story hiding beneath the handle.

I'm often asked, "why do you have all the holes in the knife handles?" And the simple answer is.... it looks cool. In addition to making the knife handle look sleek (I love the patterning it presents on the knife) it solves two problems of knife making. 1). Weight reduction. By removing material in the handle section it creates a balanced and more streamlined feel to the knife, and 2). Handle adherence. The pins in the knives act as a stabilizing mechanism so the handle does not shift while the holes in the handle area that do not have pins act as a conduit for the epoxy to bind each handle side to the other. Thus creating an immovable and well glued handle. Nothing worse than having your handle fall off while attacking a Porterhouse, defending yourself from unsavory creatures, or simply opening your cell phone bill (due to my recent experience of 12 phone calls and 3 store visits trying to get my money back and close an account after a credit card hack, an account which I never opened in the first place, I would definitely say cell phone companies fall into the unsavory creatures category). But I digress.

“Nothing worse than having your handle fall off while attacking a Porterhouse....”

Long story short, although you would never know from looking at a finished knife, there is a deeper story underneath the handle. Look sharp. Be sharp. And forge on everyone!



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